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Seamlessly Integrate ID, Bank, Income, and Risk Checks into your Processes.
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What we do

Robust verification-solutions.

We are the first Canadian-designed real-time bank verification service. Reduce friction and increase conversions with Instant Bank Verification and customer ID Verification.

Bank Verification
ID Verification
Risk Score

Use cases

  • Income Verification

  • Bank Account Verification

  • Real-time Transaction History Verification

  • Customer Onboarding

  • Age Verification

  • Secure online transactions
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention

  • Credit Risk Assessment

  • Streamline Underwriting Efficiency

Features & Benefits

We create individual solutions tailored to your needs.

Over 4.5M Canadian bank accounts Verified

With over 4.5 million Canadian bank accounts verified, our track record instills trust and confidence in our expertise and commitment to security to streamline your transactions and ensure a seamless underwriting experience.

Seamless integration trusted by millions

Experience our comprehensive ID Verification API. Integrate our ID verification system effortlessly into your existing infrastructure with hundreds of thousands of successful ID checks performed.

Advanced Fraud Detection Technology

Our ID verification technology goes beyond basic checks, employing innovative methods such as cross-referencing barcode information to ensure thorough verification and detect potential fraud attempts, providing an extra layer of protection.

Bank Verification

  • Access transaction history, full account, transit, and institution numbers from over 280 Canadian banks and credit unions.

  • Flexible reporting length for up to 365 days, giving you the ability to customize your information.
  • Access original bank PDF statements from over 10 popular banks in Canada.

  • Access the account owner’s information to improve customer experience and streamline communication.

ID Verification

  • Easy verification with support for driver’s licenses, provincial IDs, and medical services cards.

  • Extract key customer information for streamlined data management.

  • Securely verify identities using facial recognition technology.

  • Capture images using a smartphone camera with the ‘send to phone’ option for seamless verification.

No hidden fees and low monthly minimums.

As a leading Canadian provider of low-cost, high-quality verification services, we offer the lowest rates and only charge based on usage, with no hidden fees and low monthly minimums.

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