The Future of Risk Analysis Is Here

We offer different risk models to match the different conditions of your industry. For the ultimate performance, we can build a custom risk model that, in addition to banking data, also uses customer profile information and past customer repayment history to further enhance algorithms.

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  • Machine learning-powered algorithms leverage insights from over one million banking reports.

  • At-a-glance applicant summary information including income type, income amount, income frequency, and upcoming payroll date predictions.
  • Trained custom models tailored specifically to your business.


  • Ensures accurate and data-driven decisions for your business by enabling statistical predictions based on millions of transactions and profile data.

  • Simplify your underwriting to make faster and more informed lending decisions.

  • Mitigate fraud risk to prevent future losses and adverse events.

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Reduce Costs While Improving Accuracy

We understand that acquisition costs can be a lender’s greatest expense. Our technology stack allows us to deliver our service at a cost significantly lower than the competition. There are no setup fees, monthly minimums or pre-purchase of credits and no long term commitments.