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In the rapidly evolving fintech sector, the ability to quickly and securely onboard users is paramount. Traditional methods, like manual bank statement reviews, not only slow down this process but also introduce unnecessary friction, deterring potential users. Moreover, the absence of continuous, fresh financial data hampers fintechs’ capability to operate at peak performance, affecting user satisfaction and retention.

THE SOLUTION offers a cutting-edge solution that transforms fintech operations. Our identity and bank verification is digital, automated, and swift, ensuring users can onboard with minimal hassle and maximum security. Beyond streamlining user entry, provides fintechs with access to a steady stream of fresh financial data. This empowers fintechs to make informed decisions, offer personalized services, and maintain a competitive edge by staying responsive to user needs.
Onboard more verified customers faster with comprehensive data.

Inverite Fintech ready solutions.

We are the first Canadian-designed real-time bank verification service. Reduce friction and increase conversions with Instant Bank Verification and customer ID Verification.


Inverite offers a swift and current snapshot of a borrower’s bank accounts, enabling asset verification and account ownership confirmation in mere seconds.


Combat fraud and fulfill ID verification needs, encompassing data sources, document verification, and biometric checks (selfie) via Identity Verification.

Risk Score

Risk models tailored to your industry’s specific conditions, and for optimal performance, we also offer custom risk model development that leverages millions of data points to further refine the accuracy of your underwriting.


Industry leading coverage and data tailored for lending.

Over 4M Canadian bank accounts Verified

With over 4 million Canadian bank accounts verified, our track record instills trust and confidence in our expertise and commitment to security to streamline your transactions and ensure a seamless underwriting experience.

Seamless integration trusted by millions

Experience our comprehensive ID Verification API. Integrate our ID verification system effortlessly into your existing infrastructure with hundreds of thousands of successful ID checks performed.

Advanced Fraud Detection Technology

Our ID verification technology goes beyond basic checks, employing innovative methods such as cross-referencing barcode information to ensure thorough verification and detect potential fraud attempts, providing an extra layer of protection.

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