Did you know that repeat customers spend roughly 67% more than new customers? With repeat customers so valuable, a customer-centric strategy is crucial. But, how can you remain customer focused while making your business marketing plan? 

If you’re curious about how to focus on customer service, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about customer care and how to tilt your business objectives toward customers. 

What Is a Customer-Centric Strategy? 

To begin, what’s a customer-centric strategy? How does adopting a customer-focused business marketing plan help your company? 

One of the most substantial benefits is that return customers are more reliable. It’s frequent for customers to visit once, possibly make a purchase, and never return. 

Focusing on customers improves the chances of having them return for more business. Repeat customers are a steady stream of revenue, particularly in the off-season. When it’s challenging to attract new customers, repeat customers keep you afloat. 

Another great benefit is that repeat customers also tend to spend more. One-time customers may browse your stock and find a few things they’re interested in. 

Return customers have come back for a reason. They often have a specific item or product in mind. As such, they’re guaranteed sales and tend to spend more. 

Overall, a customer-focused strategy helps attract customers, retain them, and convert them to repeat customers. It’s an excellent way to build your audience and earn their loyalty. 

Five Ways to Improve Your Customer Care 

Now that we know the benefits of a customer-centric strategy, how can you enforce the philosophy for your work? Here are five of the best ways to focus on customer care. 

Focus on Feedback 

One of the most important factors is to focus on customer feedback. Feedback is one thing that many companies and entrepreneurs fail to consider. 

To begin, do your best to seek out and facilitate feedback. It’s often difficult for customers to find ways to leave feedback. If there’s no avenue for them to give you information, the information will never come! 

If you’re an online shop, consider highlighting an area for feedback. You can use a comment section, reviews, or leave contact information. 

However, if you’re using a public area, consider adding moderation or approval. The internet is a wild place, and you may find a few comments that are off-colour. These comments may send the wrong message to incoming customers! 

If you’re a brick-and-mortar shop, you can use a physical comment box. You can also discuss the customer’s experience with them directly to see their thoughts. 

These touches can help customers feel more wanted and important. By making them feel valued, you greatly improve the chances of them returning. 

Customer Outreach 

You shouldn’t wait for customers to come to you! If you’ve heard the old saying, “If you build it, they will come,” you likely know this doesn’t apply to businesses. 

You need a way to reach out to customers and bring them in. Advertisement is the most classic way of doing so, but there are other ways. Once you have customers, don’t let drawing them in be your only interaction. 

Instead, focus on reaching out to customers and seeing their thoughts. Encourage them to leave reviews, discuss their experiences, and more. 

You can also provide incentives for customers to bring in more customers. Giving recommendations or referral bonuses is a strong way to exponentially increase your customer count. 

Relationships Over Revenue 

You’ve likely heard the statement “the customer is always right.” While this is objectively not true, the real sentiment is sound. Whether the customer is correct is irrelevant – what matters is if they’re happy. 

There are times when it’s best to focus on relationships with customers over every penny you make. You should consider ways to improve the customer experience even if they aren’t the strongest financial choices. 

Needless to say, don’t go overboard! While you should accommodate customers where possible, keep an eye on your finances. Make sure you aren’t using enough hospitality to run your accounts dry. 

Hire Accordingly 

Few things are more important in a workspace than the employees that make the business work. If you’re a small company with a set team or even a solo venture, you can ignore this section. 

However, once you start branching out to more employees, you should consider the mindset of your workers. Are you bringing in employees that are as customer-centric as you? 

Bringing in workers that understand what you’re aiming for is crucial. You should work to hire employees that focus on the customer experience. 

When hiring any outreach employees (advertisement and marketing, for example), this is particularly important. You want the people that will deal with the customers to have the greatest mindsets. That way, you can make sure the customer is in the best hands. 

Develop a Customer-Centric Culture 

Above all else, change starts from within your company. You should consider how your workplace’s culture affects your business. 

Having a customer-focused set of business objectives is a strong way to accomplish this. Focus your company on tasks that help to enforce a customer culture. 

For example, you should have short and long-term goals based on earning customers. Incentivize your employees toward signing customers up for rewards programs or something similar. 

Focusing your company culture on customers is a great way to organically improve your work philosophy. With your workforce customer-focused, you can rest knowing that the customers are taken care of properly. 

Utilizing Customer-Centric Strategy 

Developing a customer-centric strategy is crucial to the success of your company. Work to ensure that your customers are the main priority of your employees. By focusing on customer care as a core philosophy of your company, you can strengthen your customer-centric culture. 

For more information on how to improve your workplace’s strategy, be sure to contact us. You can also browse our site to learn more about how Inverite can help your business!