As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, we are seeing new market realities revealed on a daily basis. Inverite is committed to helping our clients navigate this uncharted territory.

Data Tools – Business Sector API

We have fast-tracked a new API to identify employment sectors of your existing user base so that a lender can identify their per-sector exposure and application rate and make necessary adjustments to downgrade or avoid volatile sectors. The API can be used to classify up to 50 employer names by sector at a time. There will be no fees associated with this service while the COVID-19 crisis continues. Contact your account manager for Business Sector API implementation details.


Our other primary focus is analyzing the changing trends in consumer financial data over the past few weeks. Some of the key areas that we are focusing on are:

  1. Consumer spend by transaction category
  2. NSF activity by sector of employer
  3. Income deposit activity by sector of employer
  4. Loan deposit activity by sector of employer

We will be releasing these numbers in following weekly updates and we will continue to roll out additional features and analysis to help our clients. We feel that working together with our clients we can make a meaningful contribution to helping you make accurate and effective business decisions during this challenging time.

Let us know how we can help and any ideas you might have, contact us at [email protected]