Data Enrichment

Unlock Actionable Insights from Your Banking Data

Maximize the potential of your transaction data by unlocking deep customer insights. Accelerate and enhance your decision-making process with Flinks Enrichment for a more efficient and precise business strategy.

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  • Pull transactional data from multiple data sources

  • Turn raw data into actionable insights

  • Build custom analytics frameworks using relevant data


  • Quickly reduce fraud and prevent losses with our visual risk indicators.

  • Quickly gain a full financial overview of your customers to improve digital offerings.

  • Maximize insights from your customers’ banking data, from Inverite or third parties, while reducing manual processes.

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Data Enrichment Use cases


A thorough report that includes analyses of income, risk, liability, and cash flow, suitable for both manual and automated underwriting processes.

User Analysis

A detailed overview of your customers’ financial profiles, combining insights on income, fraud, and risk to provide a complete understanding.


An in-depth income analysis that includes detailed breakdowns of employer, non-employer, and government income, designed for quick and straightforward income verification

Credit Risks

A detailed risk analysis that encompasses essential financial data and additional risk factors, enabling you to evaluate credit and minimize risks effectively

Business Analysis

A comprehensive report that details crucial elements of business accounts, including operational income and expenses, designed to accelerate the process of commercial underwriting


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We understand that acquisition costs can be a lender’s greatest expense. Our technology stack allows us to deliver our service at a cost significantly lower than the competition. There are no setup fees, monthly minimums or pre-purchase of credits and no long term commitments.