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Inverite is the first Canadian designed and focused real-time bank verification service. Reduce friction and increase conversions with Instant Bank Verification and customer ID Verification through open banking APIs.

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Instant Bank Verification

Inverite is the leading open-banking provider with coverage for over 275 Canadian Financial Institutions. We offer multiple API’s to access up to a year of financial data in seconds.

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Data-Driven Risk Score

Our neural network machine learning derives AI-driven data and analytics to generate unique and effective Risk Scores that can be incorporated into your decision-making.

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Risk Score

Our Risk Score uses neural networks machine learning algorithms to revolutionize risk analysis. Learn more.

Identity and Age Verification

We are the only Canadian provider of 100% browser-based Identity and Age Verification that does not rely on credit bureau checks. Inverite’s ID verification is automated to use AI-Powered technology to verify Identity as an anti-fraud, or regulatory requirement.

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Aggressively Priced

Inverite is the leading Canadian provider of low-cost, high-quality verification services. We offer the lowest rates in Canada and only charge based on usage, with no hidden fees and low monthly minimums. Our service is simple to use and provides fast, reliable verification services for businesses of all sizes.

Aggressively Priced

We offer the lowest rates in Canada and only charge based on usage – no setup fees, no monthly minimums, no long-term commitments and no pre-purchasing credits. The quality of our service speaks for itself.


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