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Real-Time Data

Real-time data ensures immediate awareness of employment status changes, like if someone was terminated a day prior. Plus, gain a comprehensive view of applicants’ financial standing with access to both net and gross income details.

Complete Income Overview

Fine-tuned to identify individuals with employment at multiple locations. With the integration of IBV check and payroll systems, get alerted if there’s a second job in the picture.

Integrated KYC

Amplify your KYC checks. We verify the user’s full name and are working towards integrating the confirmation of the last three digits of the applicant’s SIN with Pay Wallet – making every check, a step closer to absolute certainty.

Product Benefits

Instant Data Insights

Real-time and reliable data is crucial for informed decisions. Eliminate the risks of outdated information and boost confidence in your lending and business decisions.

Simple Integration

Experience a smooth, intuitive, and frictionless experience when linking your accounts. We’ve cut the clutter for an intuitive, hassle-free experience, ensuring no drop-offs and optimized conversion rates. Simplicity and efficiency.

Competitive Pricing

Cost-effective and specially crafted to offer top-notch services without breaking the bank, making Payrite a go-to for startups and small businesses. Experience a comprehensive suite of features, all packaged within a budget-friendly framework.

Use Cases

Seamlessly integrates with payroll systems to identify and counter fraudulent attempts, ensuring that your lending decisions are based on accurate and trustworthy data.

Mortgage Applications

Verify applicants’ income and employment to determine eligibility for home loans.

Auto Loans

Assess a borrower’s ability to repay the loan based on verified income and employment.

Rental Applications

Confirm the financial capability of potential tenants to meet rent obligations.

Credit Applications

Validate an applicant’s financial health before approving or issuing credit.


Verify income and employment to determine the affordability and appropriate coverage for clients.

Jobs & Employement

Confirm employment history and income of potential hires to validate the information provided.

Discover Inverite’s Suite

Individualized software tailored to your needs.

Instant Bank Verification

With support from over 280 Canadian Financial Institutions, Inverite is the clear market leader in Instant Bank Verification. Quickly, easily and securely connect your users’ financial data to your business through widely adopted OAuth regardless of whether you are a personal finance app, online lender, or money service business.

ID Verify

Inverite provides an automated, real-time and secure system for verifying your customer’s age and identity. ID Verify service is a convenient and cost-effective solution that helps to reduce risk, prevent fraud and streamline your underwriting process.

Risk Score

For ultimate performance, we build a custom Risk Score using banking data, customer profiles, and repayment history to help you make more informed decisions. Combine the power of Instant Bank Verification and Risk Score for a revolutionary approach to risk analysis.

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